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Curious about CEREC? Same Day Crowns explained

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Lately I am sure that either your dentist has spoken to you about CEREC or you have heard one of the many commercials on your local news radio station.  So just what is CEREC and better yet  just how can CEREC help you as the patient? Why should you select a CEREC doctor? our friends at 1800dentist are going to assist us with uncovering the specifics and benefits of CEREC.

About Cerec

CEREC can be summed up as Ceramic Restoration and since it’s creation back in 1987, has been an innovative way of creating dental crowns that can be made and placed unto the patient on the same-day visit. With Cerec, gone are the days of the first initial visit and accompanying pain as you wait for your crowns to be manufactured and then possibly be ill fitting. Established by Sirona, CEREC makes use of 3D photography to help a dental professional in developing an inlay crown without taking Three Dimensional imaging as well as Computer Aided Design without the hassle of going through the “goo” in order to get an impression that isn’t always accurate.  Combine that with a proper milling unit, the Dental professional is then able to create a restoration during the same visit.

The technology of the CEREC systems have evolved considerably from previous devices, allowing a new user to develop an almost perfect and accurate restoration as necessary.

We have interviewed many CEREC providers update to the most recent and elaborate pieces of equipment in order to fully take advantage of all the technology has to offer. CEREC permits Dental specialists to take digital impressions for repairs and also make precise repairs that look exceptional, accurate, and last a long far longer than Crowns of the past.

The question for many of you is simply: Do you even need CEREC Restorations?
If during a consult it has been expressed to you that you require a new crown or Inlay, you very well may be a prime candidate for a CEREC procedure. If you have a fractured molar or, old restorations that are failing, CEREC might be for you. Also consider whether or not you are interested in changing your old steel restorations as you might be a CEREC prospect. For all intent and purposes, any type of big remediation in your mouth may be a possible candidate for a CEREC restoration.

If you think this for you, contact your local dental professional or to find a CEREC Specialist in your area.

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